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Born on the Westside of Chicago moved and started a new life in Atlanta Ga. Being in Atlanta I've learned a lot of things and one of those things is how to be closer to God. That's where my heart is, I later learned that I not only wanted to receive His presents but how to dwell with Him and get in His presence. He later blessed me with a talent for writing, which over the years evolved into what has now given me a profound ear for sound, I fault the battle to sing Jazz, because I had so much love for only the love of the Gospel. God showed me in His word that Jazz was where I was called to be. I was reading the word one day and I began to speak to God and ask Him, Lord, you say that these words here in the book of psalms were songs, songs that are minister to you, So, then how does this psalms go. I was reading Psalms 3:1 and imedially I heard a voice in the spirit singing and it sound so Jazzy and bluesy singing the lyrics to me.  

Well, later I found out that the voice I heard was mine, And I've been singing Jazz every since that day. That is also where the Soulfulpsalmist name was created from, The soul and God has been leading me and guiding me and totally providing for me since that day. I've have been married now for three years to LeeVon, an he being a total blessing from God in my life, He's also from Chicago and together we both love music and photography, and as it grows in our hearts we continue to grow together. I have gotten so much support also with the help of my two daughters , Iyonda and Victoria they have both really helped me to do what God has planned for me to do. My family is totally into music and that is where my singing root started. My Mom, Armintha Williams also a very blessed singer/songwriter, I gained it honestly. My sisters, April, Nicole, Darlena and brother Reggie for always showing love and being my number one A support team, My friends always praying and keeping me on the right track, to make this dream work, and with Gods hands on it this vision will come to pass. Gods words in me changed my words into the sweet serenade of songs. Challenging the hearts and souls that dare to listen. Listen and open up and receive God and His glory.

About The Soulfulpsalmist